Let’s develop a culture

Please note that there are four Sundays left in this liturgical year when we are permitted by our lectionary to place flowers on the altars.  Next Sunday the Feast of All the Saints is one of those Sundays. We are extending an invitation to all members of the congregation to remember their departed loved ones in a special way by making a donation toward the decoration of the church on that Sunday.

Please note also that in this small gesture of donating flowers to beautify our sacred space you are participating in our ministry to our sick and shut-ins, for every Monday the flowers are distributed to them.  Interested persons are asked to speak with the Rector or Sharon at the office.

                                                                                                   Ushers on Duty Next Sunday are:

7:15 a.m.
Devin Mycklewhyte, Janise Carey, Lynn Armstrong, Gregory Sherman, Frances Deal, Chinara Grant, Dale Grant, Troy Ward Sr., Janea Ingraham

10:30 a.m.
Lynette Deveaux, Elva Lightbourne, Carlyne Mckenzie, Marsha Bain, Vylana Davis, Judyann Wells, Brian Finley

November 1-12 is the time of the annual Poppy Appeal by the Ex-Service Men Association.  Lest we forget! Buy and wear a poppy with pride to remember the fallen. Give generously to the needy ex-service men and dependents who defended these islands in two world wars to give us the freedom and democracy we enjoy today.

As is our tradition here at SMAC notice is always given of The Annual General Meeting of the Parish. It is scheduled by the grace of God for Friday January 15, 2021.  (I know we in the “demic” but we still gats ta prepare an plan) To this end, all persons submitting reports, are kindly requested to email the same into the office by Sunday, December 6, 2020.  Thank you for your kind cooperation.

Don’t forget to turn your clocks back this coming Saturday.  (Ed. Note –Wouldn’t want ya ta genuflect  too earrrly}

All persons attending Mass are asked to note that they are required to adhere to the mask wearing protocols. When you don’t it brings some apprehension and discomfort to your fellow worshippers.

Masks must be worn throughout the liturgy, especially when singing and during the corporate speaking parts. They are permitted to be removed from time to time and only for a short time in accordance with medical advice related to elevated carbon dioxide levels and of course for the reception of Holy Communion.  The preacher and persons reading and leading the intercessions may remove their mask at the lectern.  Your kind cooperation in this matter will be appreciated by all.

                                                                                                 Remember In Your Prayers

The unemployed of our church
The homeless in our land
The disabled members of our church
Those who have requested our prayers
The lapsed & indifferent members of our church
The incarcerated of our church
Members who are studying abroad:
Shanee Armbrister, Felicia Bein-Aime, Shaquille Burrows, Christina Campbell, Fia & Frantz Campbell, Trae Carey, Destiny Coburn, Dominique Cooper, Alexandria Curry, Inga Darville, Chloee Deveaux, Thomas Jr & Thomea Evans, Kervin Ferguson, Owyn Ferguson, Tenajh Gaitor, Tonia Heastie, Gerrard Hepburn, Kristen Johnson, Aaron Jordan, Jaida Knowles, Tatyanna Maynard, Aliah & Tevin Pinder, Chelsea Rolle, Tyler Rutherford, Janice Seymour, Celine & Jaime Thompson, Brandon Treco, Alyssa & Maleah Williams, Gabrielle Wilson
Members of the parish who protect our country
Members in the US Armed Forces – Raquel Smith
To pray for seasonal weather
The Bishops and Clergy of our Diocese
Our Companion Parish of St. Peter’s Long Island
The Ordinands of our Diocese
Howard Bethel, Kris Higgs, Desiree Johnson, John Pinder, Rondeno Rolle, Cameron Saunders 

We pray for God’s grace and mercy on the sick and confined; those known and unknown to us, especially those of our parish family. It is our Christian duty to pray for and visit with our sick and confined. To this end, we encourage members of the parish to visit them whenever possible. If you cannot do so in body then we encourage you to do so by way of the telephone.

Of our parish family:

 Anthony Allens, Torry Armstrong, Clarese Bodie, Colin Bowe, Thelma Brice (393-3917) W inifred Butler, Derek Cambridge Jr., Michelle Campbell, Mable Carey (601-7955), Enid Carroll (324-1342) Antoinette Cartwright, Blanche & Melbourne Cartwright (324-2683), Locksley Cartwright, John Cates (325-0592) Salome Charles, Emerald Cooper (393-0220), Ida Culmer (325-7652), Anthony Dean (393-0792), Royann Duhard, Edith “Valley Girl” Finley (601-7974), Sir Cyril & Alicia Lady Fountain (393-6493) Joy Francis (698-4988) Sandra Francis, Hon. A D Hanna, Allison Heastie, Brenda Heastie, Maurice Isaacs, Floyd Kemp (324-0406) Angela Knowles (325-8941) Philip Knowles (364-3554) Violet Knowles, Gabby Lord (809-3048)  Lorenzo Major (393-7859), Helen Martinborough (324-5158) Earnest Mckenzie (323-3286) Joan Mitchell, John Mycklewhyte (393-2035) Cheryl Nicholls, Freddie Nottage Jr., Sloan Nottage (676-9791) Kim Pinder, Joan Pyfrom (327-3869) Tyrone Pyfrom, John Rahming (393-0560), Anthony Roberts, Anthony Rutherford (364-0278)  Alice Symonette – Sands (394-6438) Bernadette Scott, Edmund & Gloria Strachan (327-1315) Mildred Taylor (394-5373) Lewis White, Peter Whitfield, Ethan Williams (son of Andrea Moxey)

Of the wider community:

Judy Alleyne, Beverly Finley, Carol Gomez (wife of Archbishop Gomez), Roger Johnson (brother in law of Rector) Patsy Knowles (sister of Sandra Knowles) Frankiemae Thompson, Warren ‘Doc’ Thompson (brother of Kirk Thompson) Michael Wells (son of Shirley Francis). 

Let us Pray:  All powerful and ever-living God, the lasting health of all who believe in you, hear us as we ask your loving help for the sick of our parish family; restore their health, that they may again offer joyful thanks in your Church.  Grant this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

We are happy to list in the bulletin the names of persons from the wider community who request our prayers. However, many people forget to let us know when to take a name off the list and, as a result, our list becomes a bit huge and we believe outdated.

Please note the following changes! We will list names for prayer requests from the wider community for TWO months. After the last Sunday of the two month period the names on the list will be taken off and a new prayer request list will be published.  If someone wishes to have a name remembered again, the name must be re-submitted to the office/Rector. This will assure that we keep an up-to-date list.

When entering the hospital or if you are sick at home for any length of time, please let your Clergy know.  Remember it is your responsibility to notify your parish Priests on such occasions.  You can only be ministered to, when and if it is known that you are not well.  The Clergy should also be notified when you are leaving the hospital.  Thanks for your kind co-operation.

COMMUNION TO THE SICK!  The Clergy wishes to make the Sacrament available to those who because of sickness or infirmity are unable to attend public celebrations of the Eucharist.  If you are sick and/or confined (or if you know someone who is) and wish to receive Holy Communion at home, Please inform the Clergy as soon as possible

Always remember to pray for the repose of the souls of the Faithful Departed. Pray for those who have died recently, those whose  anniversaries of burial occur this week, for those buried in our church’s yard, and for those who for whatever reason have no one to remember them with love in prayer.

The parish extends condolences and assurance of our prayers to all who are grieving the loss of loved ones and those whose memories are called to mind at this time.

A Will is your final statement of your Christian stewardship. When planning your bequests and memorials, prayerfully consider including our parish community of St. Matthew’s.